Leeds Escorts The Legalities

Being remunerated for sexual favours is not against the law in the United Kingdom

Being remunerated for sexual favours is not against the law in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, capitalizing from another’s sex-related activities is considered unlawful. As such any escort agency in Leeds that has received a booking fee from an escort who has sold sexual services can be cautioned by the authorities. By exchanging sexual favours for money, an escort is not partaking in a criminal act. Nevertheless, her agency is if it receives payment for booking services.

If Leeds escorts are convicted of selling sexual services their agency may very well be forced to close. Even an independent worker with no agency affiliation may be prosecuted if she uses the services of a driver or bodyguard whilst she attends her client. As her employee he or she is technically earning from her sexual services. Legally both escort and driver/ bodyguard are committing a criminal offence.

The reason that Leeds escorts and escort agencies generally evade prosecution for prostitution is because they do not openly advertise the sale of sexual services. Escorts offer many services but sex is not "officially" one of them. A client could contract the services of an escort for companionship, such as accompanying him to a business lunch. Or he could pay an escort to join him for a drink in a hotel lobby. However, what he cannot officially pay for is sex. Leeds escorts and agencies advertise companionship for hire, nothing more. However, it is no secret that pretty much all escorts will accommodate sex for money and. if truth be told, it is sex that the majority of clients are after.

As remunerated sexual activity is a legally sensitive subject, it is probably advisable not to mention this at the beginning of your date. Officially a Leeds escort will charge you for her company by the hour. Longer dates, however, such as those involving overnight stays or travel are normally charged on a discounted scale. If your escort is prepared to go the “extra mile”, she may offer you non-standard services at a rate that she will negotiate directly with you. These services will not be advertised by her agency so that everyone concerned stays the right side of the law.

When booking your Leeds escort, try and get a feel for the type of services she provides, officially or otherwise, so you are under no illusion as to what your date holds in store. You can learn more about the type of service that she offers by reviewing her online profile, examples of which you can find here: www.premierleeds.co.uk . If you decide to enter in to the realm of non-advertised services, cash is always a good way to prevent legal complications as it won't leave a paper trail for the authorities to follow. If there is no proof that payment for sex took place, there is no crime to answer to.

As such a Leeds escort will normally request a non-traceable payment option. This normally suits the client and there is little chance of subsequent legal problems for either the escort agency or the Leeds escort.